Rose Maze looking fabulous!

Published on Tuesday, 14 July 2015 at 11:50:00 AM

Hi All
I had a quick peek at the rose maze with Lefty this morning and the roses are looking fabulous, some out already and others getting ready to bloom. The heavy mulching we undertook last season is paying dividends in terms of water retention and reducing weeds and the fertilising regime is also reaping benefits, with many roses looking better than I have ever seen them. Carabella pictured here is looking particularly robust and even Lady Medalist, which has never looked promising is growing AND blooming!! The climbing roses are also benefiting greatly from their pruning into shape over the winter – so hats off to all those wonderful people who helped with all those jobs!

All is not perfect however and if we don’t remove the weeds which are growing, they will be setting seed. Also some of the climbers need their new growth tied back.

I am hoping that some of you might be interested in a busy bee on Wednesday 14th October (this Wednesday) between 8 and 12 noon. It is going to be cooler on that day. You will need gloves, weeding devices (they pull out pretty easily because of the mulching) and a bucket for the weeds. We should be able to sort it out in that time.

Hope to see you then

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