Published on Wednesday, 12 January 2022 at 11:49:39 AM

To all rose maze willing workers

Thank you so much to those who helped with the weeding and sweeping busy bee last Wednesday. We achieved a lot and Marina was so grateful for your assistance.

I saw Marina a couple of days afterwards and she and James were busily watering the maze flat out and repairing the dripper connections to the main retic line, many of which are broken due to their age. Marina is going to be replacing all the drippers with pressure regulating drippers, so that all the roses are watered evenly regardless of their position on the main retic line. Given there are around 1400 roses and around 1400 drippers I suggested that some of us might be able to assist with this mammoth task.

Marina will contact me when the drippers arrive and I will put out a call for help, hopefully sometime in the next week.

We should also plan drinks in the maze sometime soon as it is looking a picture right now.

Cathy Wright

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